Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Lean Kanban conference season starts...NOW!

The Lean Kanban conference season starts...NOW!

Do you want to learn more about Lean and Kanban? Did you hear people talking about Lean Kanban events you couldn’t attend? Do you like travelling? Do you want to meet all the experts you know from Twitter, Blogs, articles etc.?

Then I’ve good news for you: There are plenty of opportunities ahead this year!

For the first time ever, the conference Lean Kanban Southern Europe takes place, Madrid, May 09-10 The speaker line-up looks really awesome, and what a great opportunity to visit Madrid!

Only one week later, it’s party time in Boston (The Boston Lean Party)! This is the mother of all Lean and Kanban conferences – 6 days packed with the best speakers from all over the world! Lean Software & Systems Conference

In Autumn, the Kanban train goes through Switzerland, Scotland, Netherlands, Austria and France!

Lean, Agile & Scrum takes place in Zürich, Sep 12th. It’s a one-day event that will cover a couple of Kanban sessions as well as other Agile stuff.

Lean Agile Scotland takes place in Edinburg, Sep 21-22 - and they already announced a great set of speakers!

In October, there will be three events in a row – starting with

Lean Kanban France – for the first time ever. The date will most probably be Oct 18-19

Only one weekend to rest, since the second edition of Lean Kanban Central Europe takes place in Vienna, Oct 22-23 Because I‘m one of the organizers, I know that there are a couple of exciting news to announce soon!

Our friends from the Netherlands organize Lean Kanban Netherlands. This event will take place in Amsterdam, Oct 25-26

And Maarten, who organized Lean Kanban Benelux the past two years, is working on a whole new conference, called RE:THINK2012, that will take place in Brussels, Dec 14

So ask your boss, book your flights and pack your things...NOW!

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